VGA to HDMI Converter Box - VGA & Audio to HDMI Video with Power Adapter - Black

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Product Description

  • Allows you to convert VGA sources to an HDMI display
  • Seamlessly integrate your older analog devices into your modern home theater with this VGA to HDMI Converter Box
  • Compatible with : Laptops & PC
  • Accessory Type :  Adapter
  • Color : Black

Do you want to use your new HDTV as a computer display but your computer or laptop only has a VGA output port available? Then this is the adapter you’ve been looking for! This converter box will change your VGA and stereo output into an HDMI output, allowing you to connect it to your television. With this adapter anything you can do on your computer will now be available on the big screen, watching movies or videos, playing games, browsing the web, liking your friends posts or looking through old photos. Get this adapter and you’ll be enjoying your computer from the couch in no time.

Video scaler converts VGA signals to HDMI for use on modern display devices such as HDTVs, monitors and projectors | Adapter carries both audio and video signal
Connect your older laptop and desktop PCs to HDMI equipped monitors and television sets | Also works with retro gaming consoles that support VGA such as the Sega Dreamcast (additional cable required)
Adapter carries VGA signal to HDMI devices but preserves original video resolution | Will not upscale signal to HD resolutions simply allows legacy devices to connect to HDMI at original supported size
Supports both video and audio signals, left and right RCA audio inputs

Adapter is not bi-directional, only carries signal from VGA to HDMI

Package Contents:
1x VGA to HDMI converter, 1x power adapter

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