Power bank for car Multi Function 16800mAh Yallow Color

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Product Description

Capacity of the device: 16800 mAh versatile with car air blower

Uses of the device:
Inflate car tires with an air blower without the need to connect wires or batteries. Just plug in a power bank
Operation of the vehicle, yachts or scooters when the battery fails
Laptop Charging (PC)
Charging I-pad, I-phone, Android, Camera, Mp3, Mp4, PSP devices as the device has a multi-purpose connection
The device has 2 USB to charge two devices at the same time
The device has 4 bulbs to show the charging power and also a bulb to determine the charging power of the laptop
The device has an upper part that has a sharp cutter to cut the suspended safety belt and also a lower part that works as a cashcrush to break the glass
It has a LED spotlight for illumination, as well as two red and blue lamps that work on the road
Extended cable to charge the laptop as well as a conversion kit to power most models
With red / black battery cable (to operate the car in case of battery failure)
A home charger with an indication indicator, and a car charger to charge the device
The device comes in a strong plastic bag to keep the device and accessories

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