Anker Power Bank 10000mAh Power Core Quick Charge 3.0 Technology Black Color

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Estimated delivery between 2021/01/20 - 2021/01/20
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Product Description

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger is designed with a high power of up to 10,000mAh, to enable you to maintain the charging of all your mobile devices. The Anker charger is designed from high-quality internal chips and devices to ensure solidity and durability for a long time, as it is equipped with modern and advanced technologies to guarantee you an unparalleled charging experience. In addition, the Anker charger is equipped with PowerCore technology that gives you a super fast charging speed of up to 2.4 mAh, while the multi-protection system with the temperature control technology guarantees complete protection for you and your device. This portable charger has a high power of up to 10,000mAh, to help you charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The Anker Smart Charger ensures protection while charging with the ability to identify the connected devices to provide the best charging power suitable for the device. Moreover, the Anker charger is designed to fit all mobile phones, and it also has a light weight to give you ease and portability.

High power portable charger

The Anker mobile charger is equipped with a high power of 10,000 mAh enough to charge all your devices. With a charger, you can charge your phone more than three times and once for a tablet.

High charging speed

Now you can enjoy fast charging technology thanks to the Anker 10000 mobile charger. The Anker charger is equipped with Power IQ and Voltage Post technology that gives you a super fast charging speed of up to 2.4 mAh, allowing you to charge your mobile phones, tablets and laptops quickly and easily.

Safety guarantee

Anker mobile charger is provided with a variety of safety specifications, which makes it suitable for daily use. The protection system gives you multiple protections that prevent electric contact and outflow, while the heat control technology prevents the charger from overheating and delivering the appropriate power to any phone, so that it protects you and your phone.

Easy to navigate design

The Anker mobile charger meets all your daily needs in order to charge your phone, with a portable design that gives you freedom of movement.

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