Air Compressors 2 cylinder for Car Tires, Bike Tires, Rubber Floater, Balls Works on Car Battery – AC 628A Red Color

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Product Description

Air blower and tire inflator with easy-to-read air pressure gauge
It works on the car battery
It comes with a bag for easy carrying and collecting its contents

Dc 12V -AC 628A

You don’t need to worry about needing to blow up tires or go out on trips anymore with this air blower

The portable blower in the car can be connected to a 12-volt voltage on the car’s battery

You can inflate car tires, bicycle tires, or small inflatable boats

The blower can be powered by your car’s battery, it is very versatile and life-saving in some cases

A great tool for sports enthusiasts, drivers, campers and cyclists who can find unlimited uses of a small air blower

– Easy to use that can be operated simply by your car’s battery
– Long cord, great mobility around the car to help on the road
Small and portable, ideal for trips, camping and emergencies
– They can inflate bicycle and inflatable miniature tires or car tires
– One exit and one sports needle for inflatable balloon, balls and floating hoops with an easy-to-read air pressure gauge
– Regular inflatable tires in 2 minutes

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